Firstly, welcome! 

At Kynd, we're striving everyday to reinvent social support. We want to create a future of genuine empowerment. It's about creating a way of working locally that you'll love.


It's about making life simpler for all-ages and all-abilities and helping people thrive. 

Kynd is a for-purpose platform and mobile app. 

We are not a 'Provider', employer or an agency.  

You can browse these FAQs and visit Support Worker Info for insights.

We want to create a better future for Support Workers - with genuine choice, fair and better earnings, work/life balance, direct contact with people and overall, the joy and simplicity of being your own boss. With a new way, you can work less and earn more!

This means thinking different, trying new things, co-designing digital solutions and striving to improve every single day. Building the future excites us. It's a big mission.

Our goal is changing an industry, simplifying life and inspiring community kindness. 

Thinking of supporting others using Kynd? Here's some highlights:

- Signup free as a Support Worker
- Setup a Profile for Members to see
- We help match you with Members
- Choose Member's you will support
- Choose the services you will offer

- Choose your schedules / rosters
- Get requested for Meet & Greets
- A constantly growing community
- Option to BYO Members to Kynd
- Mobile app to simplify your work

As a Support Worker, you can earn more, work locally and have genuine choice. It creates stronger local communities and more loyal relationships. It's about people, not providers. Together - we believe change is truly possible.We're here to help you.