It's your choice! 

You're supporting Members... so you decide what rates you'll agree. 

The minimum amount most Support Workers ask for is $38 per hour. 

Your Profile Rate

When signing up, you're able to list a 'default rate' on your Profile. 

* If a Member sends you a Visit Request it will be based on this rate. 
* If needing to agree a change here, email Kynd before you Accept. 

Your Roster Rates

If setting up Ongoing Visits / Rosters, we can setup specific rates. 

* Once you've agreed rates, ask the Member to email Kynd with info. 
* We'll setup your Rosters and the agreed rates will apply for those. 
* This means... you can agree different rates for different Members. 

Choose Your Rate

In choosing rates you offer (for Members to agree with) think about:

* Do I want to offer a fixed rate or different rates (Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun)?
* Do I want to offer different rates for day and night Visits?
* Do I need to travel further or offer transport to assist this Member?
* What is the Member happy with... for long term success together?

Important - if a Member has NDIS funding and uses a Plan Manager, there might be maximum rates you're able to request on services. If needed, ask Kynd for more info. 

Also, think about:  

* Your qualifications, skill and past experience
* What hourly rates other Support Workers offer
* Typical prices in your area (higher or cheaper)
* Any special / rare skills you offer for Members
* The ratings and reviews that you've received

To ensure success, find the right rate that's fair for you and Members. 

Changing Rates

From time to time, you and Members might agree to change your rates.

* If you're changing rates for Roster Visits, be sure to email Kynd for help. 
* If you're only changing your 'Profile Rate', it'll instantly show in the App. 

- - - - - - -

Every Member and support type is unique. Your rates can be also!