Manage Visits (shifts) on your "Visits" page. Here's a preview below! 

You'll see 3 sections:

*Tasks - this shows any Visits with a task (eg. needing to click accept).
* Upcoming - this shows future Visits (and in-progress ones). 
* History - this has Confirmed, Expired, Cancelled and Declined Visits.

For Upcoming Visits

* To cancel a Visit, click "Cancel Visits" and confirm
* To request changes to times, chat with a Member

If a Member sends a date/time change, you'll be asked to re-accept. 

If you decline a change, the original Visit date/time will still be active. 

If the original time isn't convenient for the Member, they may cancel.

For Visits in History: 

* Confirmed - Visits that have been completed and were confirmed.
* Expired - Visits a Member requested that you did not action in time. 
* Cancelled - Visits that were cancelled (by you or a Kynd Member).
* Declined - Visits that you declined (for availability or other reasons).

Only Confirmed Visits will appear on bank payouts by Kynd. 

You can refresh this list by clicking the yellow refresh circle. 

At the End of Visits:

Once Visits end... you'll get a push notification to Confirm or Update.

* If your Visit start / end times have not changed, click Confirm.  
* If you work more or less hours in a Visit, click Update to edit it. 

The Member will then be asked to Confirm your Updated times. 

They will see this Visit in Tasks... and can confirm updates there. 












Support Visit Types: 

* Members can book one-off / flexible Visits through the Kynd App.
* To setup an ongoing support roster, they must email Kynd's team.

Important - to add Visits, Members must book or email Kynd. As Support Workers, you're providing the service, so naturally, you're unable to also make the booking.

Change Hourly Rates:

* If Members agrees changes to rates on a roster, ask them to email us.
* If Members agree, you can edit rates for weekends or public holidays. 

- - - - - - -

It's important to always check your Visits page to ensure accurate info. 

Any questions? Email us!