It's free to signup.

You can then choose your hourly rate and receive many kind benefits:

* $20 million public liability insurance (inc. $20 million product liability insurance)  
* $5 million medical malpractice and $1 million professional indemnity insurance
* All payment charges, invoicing, ongoing admin and the support of Team Kynd
* Ongoing promotion of your profile and matching to help increase your earnings
* Guaranteed payouts to your Bank Account every 2 weeks, with email summary
* Technology and updates to continually improve tools for your support services

And lots more behind the scenes! 

For this, Kynd has a 15% share of your earnings. You keep 85% of your earnings.

Ultimately, your investment helps promote you and empower your flexible work. 

We suggest factoring in Kynd's share when you're choosing your hourly rates

Important - With Kynd, Members do not pay any entry, ongoing admin or exit fees. They only pay your hourly rate - nothing more! Because they do not pay any service fee, you're able to ask for and mutually agree higher rates to balance Kynd's share.

What this means for you? 

* You can get started quickly knowing you have insurances included. 
* You can earn more than being with a traditional or online employer. 
* You'll join a community inspiring change and we've got your back!