For Visits pre-booked with Kynd, you'll have access to insurance coverage.

While you're unlikely to experience any need for this, this policy exists for you. 

For bookings on Kynd, you have protection from 3rd party claims, in the unlikely event a Member experiences personal injury or property damage by you, during any Visits.

How Insurance Works?

Kynd partners with Ansvar, a disability industry specialist and the most trusted name in disability support insurance in Australia since 1961. Subject to the policies inclusions and exclusions and Kynd's Terms of Services, your insurance coverage levels include:

$20 million Public Liability
$20 million Product Liability
$5 million Medical Malpractice
$1 million Professional Indemnity

You won’t have any insurance coverage for any bookings or payments outside of Kynd's Platform. This insurance coverage is also subject to Kynd's Terms of Service

As an independent contractor, you're welcome to get any extra insurance cover.

Some Support Workers optionally choose to organise additional private insurance policies or extra coverage within their superannuation funds, to cover themselves, for income protection, personal injury, total and permanent disability or other scenarios.

Kynd is not responsible for any damages or losses of personal belongings.