Once you've created an account, you're able to:

* View Job Posts in your suburb / region
* Get directly requested by Kynd Members
* Get matched via Kynd's Support Team
* BYO Members to choose you using Kynd

Browse Job Posts in the App. You can express interest and apply quickly.

The best way to get requests is to create and build a strong profile story.

If you need help with updates to your Support Worker profile - email us! 

Job Posts

You can easily 'Express Interest' and apply for jobs with Kynd Members.

* Go to 'Job Posts'
* Click on new Jobs
* Read the request
* Click 'Apply to Job'
* Send your Message

You've applied. Members are instantly notified about your interest. 

Never share any info that personally identifies you or someone else.

Member might then shortlist you and then... ask for 'Meet & Greets'.

Click 'See My Jobs' to see jobs you've applied for (and shortlisting). 

BYO Members

Met someone needing support? You can 'Bring Your Own' Member.  

Email Kynd and we'll help them to setup quickly with Kynd and you. 


Kynd Support

We're here behind the scenes helping to match you with Members.  

For better chances of 'matches'... ensure your 'Profile' is up to date! 

Important: You can also promote yourself as available within Kynd.