The majority of Support Workers across Australia are only paid the minimum wage.

On top of that wage, Providers, Employers and Agencies add a significant percentage (often it's double or triple your wage) to earn enough to sustain their very high costs.

So while you receive minimum wage, the 'consumer' pays a much higher hourly rate. 

For consumers, it means they lose valuable hours of support. You lose serious income.

Kynd is different. You can:

* Choose your own hourly pay rates
* Mutually agree rates with Members

Kynd has a 15% share. What does this include?

Important - you can also increase your own rate to factor in our 15% share.

Our share is much cheaper than online employers and much cheaper than Providers and Agencies (most will charge consumers/clients double or triple your hourly rates). 

With Kynd, it often only takes requests from 2 to 4 Members to fill your week. 

In simple terms...

Why not work less, earn more, gain flexibility, stress less and enjoy control?

You can even "BYO Members" to choose you on Kynd. Search BYO for info.