You can choose if you wish to offer driving services. 

If you do not wish to offer transportation and driving services, you don't have to.

If offering transportation / driving services, we recommend you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, in addition to your Compulsory Third Party vehicle insurance. As a Support Worker using Kynd, you do agree that your vehicle will be fully registered and covered by full Comprehensive and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurances and be deemed roadworthy under law and that your drivers licence will always remain valid.

If you have a person in your vehicle and they suffer injury, Compulsory Third Party insurance might assist. Contact your CTP insurers for more details about coverage.

We recommend that all Support Workers to get comprehensive vehicle insurance, that confirms that they may have some "minor and limited" business use, to ensure they are covered if offering driving services. Please note, you are not directly covered by Kynd's included insurance for driving service activities or commercial vehicle use.